sideswiper cootie key


        The new ZN-SS sideswiper cootie key weighs 3.4 pounds. The base size is 3" x 3 3/4" and 1" thick making it very stable. The knurled adjustment screws have a nylon bearing ball between the set screw and the adjustment screw. ( Please do not remove these adjustment screws from the post as this will release the bearing ball from their positon.) The knurled adjustment screws are " adjust on the fly" - no tools needed. To relocate the fingerpieces you will need a good quality No. 1 phillips head screw driver ( not included). It is advisable to purchase a good commercial quality one.

        Looking at photo 1, the front two adjustment screws are the contacts. The ZN-SS has solid silver contact points  on both the lever arm and contact screws. The next set on adjustment screws are nylon tipped. They are used for close gap contacts and/or to stiffen up the lever arm.

        Photo 2 shows the multi-fingerpiece locations. The fingepieces have 4 avalilable locations. As the fingerpieces are located farther from the contact points the lever arm flex increases. 

        Photo 3 shows the location of the fingerpieces that yield the most flex of the lever arm.

        Photo 4 shows the location of the fingerpieces that yield the stiffest lever arm positon.

$295.00 (USD)