The ZN paddles have quick "on the fly" adjusting contact and magnet screws. A nylon bearing ball between the set screw and adjustment screw supply tension. Simply turn the knurled adjustment screw to perform adjustment. No tools necessary. Do not remove the knurled adjustment screws from their posts as this will release the bearing balls from their position.

       The magnet tensions screws are the knurled screws closest to the operator. Screwing in the magnet screw clockwise in toward the lever arm will increase tension. Maximum tension is obtained when the magnet screws have been screwed in as far as possible without touching the lever arms.

       The contact screws are the set of knurled screws farthest from the operator. Screwing in the contact screw decreases the contact gap and lever arm movement. If you like close contact spacing, adjust so you can still hear a slight contact closure when keying the paddle. Remember, these are mechanical paddles and a slight contact gap is required.

       The straight key uses a conventional spring for tension and locking nuts on the adjustment screws. Like the paddles the straight key uses ball bearing movement and silver contact points.

       Also you should run a clean piece of unlined, no gloss white paper through the contact points on occasion for cleaning. For close contact spacing operators dust between the contact points can easily make the paddle key. 

       When running clean paper through the contact points do not apply excessive pressure and tear the paper. Easy does it.