45 degree vertical iambic paddle


     The ZN-45 is a 45 degree vertically mounted iambic paddle. The 45 degree angle gives excellent finger room. Fingerpiece height can be adjusted by moving the paddle up or down the vertical mount. The OTO of the ZN-45 is 9/16". A 5/16" OTO option (see photo 2) is available as a special order.

     The paddle uses 6-32 stainless steel knurled screws for both contacts and magnetic tension. No tools required for adustment - adjust on the fly. The paddle has a total of eight ball bearings, solid silver contact points, magnetic return and chord with 1/8" stereo plug. The fingerpieces are Lexan polycarbonate. The ZN-45 weighs 2 1/2 pounds.


$375.00 (USD)