iambic paddle


The ZN-9RZ is built on a 3 1/4" diameter base X 15/16" thick and weighs 2.5 pounds. It features 3 ball bearing per lever arm, magnetic return, solid silver contact points and very fine threaded magnet and contact screws (56 TPI). It has 6 non-skid feet for maximum stability. All screws are stainless steel and fingerpieces are Lexan Polycarbonate. OTO of the ZN-9RZ is 5/8". Also available is an OTO of 3/8" as a special order. 

   Available powder coated colors are Silver Metallic with red posts, White metallic with black posts, Black, Silver, Blue/Silver combo, Charcoal with black posts, Army Green with black posts, Light Pink Silver Metallic with light pink posts, Red/Silver combo with silver posts, Blueberry/Silver with silver posts, Lemon/Silver with silver posts, Antique Bronze, IRONMAN V, Red/Black Blaze, Dark Blue Wrinkle finish, flat speckled gray/black (red or black fingerpieces).

$365.00 (USD)