ZN-SLjr has been sold out and is no longer available


    The ZN-SLjr SINGLE LEVER PADDLE is the smaller base version of the ZN-SL with a base size of 2  1/2"w x 2 3/4" d x 3/4" and has a weight of 1 pound 12 ounces. The ZN-SLjr uses the exact same mechanism as the ZN-SL.  This paddle is perfect for someone who is not a heavy hitter. 

  It is available in the IRONMAN V finish only. Fingerpieces are Lexan Polycarbonate and have an OTO of 3/8".  NOTE: Tom Kelly, AB6Z, Gifts4Hams makes a very nice mobile mount for the ZN-SLjr. Contact Tom at Gifts4Hams for more info.  See photo.

                           SOLD OUT

$345.00 (USD)