These new keys and paddles are in stock and are available for immediate delivery. If you desire a callsign plate (swap is no exta charge), allow one week lead time for the engraver. 

  To order, click on the paddle your are interested in, then click Request Availability and fill in the responses. Then submit resquest. This will appear in my email INBOX and I will respond quickly. I will prepare and email an Invoice promptly. Payment via Credit Card or Paypal are both fine.  The Add to cart does not work.                           

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ZN-HKII (stock, black)

ZN-HKII straigh key with black finish
$325.00 (USD)

ZN-M45vt (stock, 5/8" OTO)

ZN-M45VT 45 degree vertical iambic paddle, 5/8" OTO
$400.00 (USD)

ZN-MiniMITE ( stock, IRONMAN V)

ZN-MiniMITE with IRONMAN V finish, 5/8" OTO, IAMBIC
$295.00 (USD)

ZN-MiniMITE (stock, Steel Gray, 5/8" OTO)

ZN-MiniMITE with Steel Gray/Black post finish, 5/8" OTO, iambic
$295.00 (USD)

ZN-MiniMITE (stock-black, 5/8")

ZN-MiniMITE, Black finish, 5/8" OTO, iambic paddle
$295.00 (USD)

ZN-MiniMITE (stock-yellow/black)

ZN-MiniMITE, yellow/black blaze with 5/8" OTO, iambic
$295.00 (USD)

ZN-QRP (stock, yellow/black, 1/2" OTO)

ZN-QRP with yellow/black blaze finish and 1/2" OTO, IAMBIC
$295.00 (USD)

ZN-SL (stock, IRONMAN V)

$365.00 (USD)

ZN-SL /stock ( all black)

all textured black SINGLE LEVER PADDLE
$365.00 (USD)

ZN-V/45 blue silver combo with 1/2" OTO

ZN-V/45 blue/silver combo, iambic paddle with 1/2" OTO
$400.00 (USD)

ZN-V/45 blue silver combo with 3/4" OTO

ZN-V/45 blue/silver combo, iambic paddle with 3/4" OTO
$400.00 (USD)
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