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ZN-SS (stock- sideswiper)

ZN-SS sideswiper/cootie key
$295.00 (USD)

ZN-45 ( stock- 9/16" OTO)

vertical iambic paddle
$375.00 (USD)

ZN-9+ (stock-Black-1/2"OTO)

ZN-9+ with 1/2" OTO, Black finish, iambic paddle
$335.00 (USD)

ZN-9+ (stock-Black-3/4" OTO)

ZN-9+ iambic paddle, Black finish with 3/4" OTO.
$335.00 (USD)

ZN-9+ (stock-Black-5/16" OTO)

ZN-9+ iambic paddle, black finish with 5/16" OTO
$335.00 (USD)


single lever paddle, 3/8" OTO
$375.00 (USD)

ZN-9RZ ( stock - dark blue wrinkle, 5/8" OTO)

ZN-9RZ, iambic, Dark blue wrinkle finish, 5/8" OTO
$365.00 (USD)

ZN-9RZ ( stock - orange/blue, 5/8" OTO)

ZN-9RZ iambic with orange base, blue posts, bearing plate and fingerpieces, 5/8" OTO
$365.00 (USD)

ZN-9RZ ( stock - robin egg blue, 5/8" OTO)

ZN-9RZ robin egg blue base, dark blue posts and powder coated aluminum fingerpieces, iambic, 5/8" OTO
$365.00 (USD)

ZN-9RZ ( stock - antique bronze color, 5/8" OTO)

ZN-9RZ, iambic, antique bronze powder coated finish, 5/8" OTO, powder coated aluminum fingepieces. NOTE: the paddle is not bronze material. It is a power coated finish color.
$365.00 (USD)

ZN-9RZ ( stock - white / blue posts, 5/8" OTO)

ZN-9RZ iambic, white metallic,blue posts, blue powder coated aluminum fingerpieces, 5/8" OTO
$365.00 (USD)

ZN-9RZ ( stock- Black , 5/8" OTO)

ZN-9RZ, iambic, Black Finsish with 5/8"OTO
$365.00 (USD)
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