Single lever paddle with 3/8" OTO


The ZN-9Rsl is built on a 3 1/4" diameter base X 15/16" thick and weighs 2.5 pounds. This single lever paddle is better suited for an operator with a light touch. The maximum tension obtainable on the dit side is 15 grams. The dah side needs 2 to 3 grams more tension that the dit side for the mechanism to work properly. This is not noticable to the operator.  If you have a heavy touch, and require maximum tension the ZN-SL  would be a better choice for you.

   The ZN-9Rsl  features 3 ball bearing per lever arm, magnetic return, solid silver contact points and very fine threaded magnet and contact screws (56 TPI). It has 6 non-skid feet for maximum stability. All screws are stainless steel and fingerpieces are Lexan Polycarbonate. OTO of the ZN-9Rsl is 3/8". It uses the same single lever mechanism as the ZN-MMsl and comes in Cast Gray powdercoated finish with gloss black posts. There are no other color options on the ZN-9Rsl.

$375.00 (USD)